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How to secure that promotion

How to secure that promotion

We all want to do well at work and for most a promotion is the first step to new development and better financial security. But how can employees better their chances for promotion?

Think strategy. A promotion doesn’t necessarily mean working “harder” or longer hours. Employees should more consider how to work smarter to ensure they are working to their full efficiency, and in turn, think about how a company can work efficiently.

Who’s your inspiration? If you’re stuck on where to start, think about those who have been promoted before you, and how they made their mark.

Just ask! Ask managers for feedback on your work and for suggestions on how you can improve. If you don’t ask, how else are you supposed to know how to improve?

Don’t forget the team! Whilst working to improve yourself and your way of working, apply what you learn to working in your team – companies work better when there’s good collaboration!

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